This class is intended to provide post-journeyman training for transformer connections, troubleshooting and maintenance. Emphasis is placed on theory and operational characteristics of transformers and how this correlates to observable indications of transformer operations. This class is an engaging way to enhance operational efficiency and skills. Vectoring conventions can be modified to suit local needs and specific transformer scenarios can be utilized.

this course covers:

  • transformer connections
  • issues for delta-delta, delta-wye, wye-delta, and wye-wye transformer banks
  • vectoring conventions
  • performing under real-life conditions
  • building intuition about correct connections and possible errors by using paired teams to play “bank of knowledge poker”
  • virtual evaluations
  • troubleshooting checks
  • rotation exercises
  • paralleling exercises
  • creative problem-solving
  • pad mount polarity checks and troubleshooting
  • global connections

Recommended Class Size:

20-40 people (flexible)


In-person: $2500 plus travel expenses

Virtual: $2500 

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