Students will walk away from this five-day intensive course with the knowledge and skills to teach equipotential grounding. During this in-person class held in Post Falls, Idaho, students will have opportunities to develop and hone their own teaching style in a relaxed, fun and engaging small group setting. Enrollment is limited to ten students.

A variety of hands-on techniques encourage experimentation and discovery; this coupled with time-honored teaching methods demonstrate how to enliven equipotential grounding discussions. The days of boring PowerPoint slide decks accompanied by a monotonous lecture are gone. Learn how to truly engage your students to ensure long-term retention of material and inspire deeper understanding. Let’s get dirty!


September 11-15, 2023
December 11-14, 2023 (tentative)

January 22-25, 2024

this course covers:

  • all of the topics listed in EPZ Grounding, as well as:
  • how to cultivate your own teaching style
  • preparation
  • storytelling
  • how to use hands-on demos and materials
  • If you build it, they will come.
  • receiving and utilizing feedback successfully



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