Square Up: Tailboarding, Cultural Leadership & Brain Health

Square Up: Tailboarding, Cultural Leadership & Brain Health


This course hones in on the most important tool a lineman brings to the job: their brain. Course content explores how to forge the types of relationships that will create more effective crews, more capable and confident leaders, more adaptable and resilient employees, and skills learned will apply to relationships on the job as well as outside of the work arena. Square Up is an experiential approach, taking evidence-based data from other disciplines and adapting it to “linespeak” in order to help linemen improve their ability to develop healthy, dependable, reciprocal relationships with others, and to take care of the tool they need the most.

this course covers:

  • relationship skills
  • brain development for linemen
  • communication strategies
  • transition moments
  • riding elephants
  • resilience, and how to get it
  • Healthy Mind Drag Bag
  • better sex life
  • meaning of leadership
  • mentoring
  • active listening
  • suicide awareness and prevention
  • grief
  • attachment styles
  • boundaries
  • self-esteem axis

Recommended Class Size:

20-40 people (flexible)


In-person: $2500 plus travel expenses

Virtual: $2500 

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