EPZ Grounding

EPZ Grounding


This is a hands-on experiential course in voltage, current, resistance using series, parallel, and combination circuits. A look at the historical aspects of grounding helps refresh workers to electrical concepts and their application to personal protective grounding.

By utilizing a variety of presentation materials, content delivery appeals to a wider audience of diverse learning styles. This is not an attempt to bluster the learner with electrical engineering principles or bore them to death with a slide deck. PowerPoint training retention is very low; this evidence-based, interactive approach is much more effective. This course is useful for substation, transmission, and distribution workers.

This course covers:

  • bonding and grounding
  • sources of energization
  • human body resistance to current flow
  • resistance of grounding cables
  • effects of current flow through the human body
  • voltage gradients
  • step, touch and transfer potential
  • establishing an equipotential zone
  • installation of cluster bars
  • Five to Stay Alive
  • Sacred Circuit
  • inductions
  • worksite grounding vs. working between grounds
  • proper installation, care, and maintenance of ground cables
  • grounding vehicles and equipment in the work area
  • transferred potential rise and substations
  • protective grounding circuits and induction issues
  • use of multiple grounding cables per phase
  • purpose of a three phase short and ground
  • federal OSHA grounding requirements
  • culture and communication

Recommended Class Size:

20-40 people (flexible)


In-Person Training at Your Location

$3200 per day + travel costs
$2800 per day + travel costs for 2 consecutive days in same location
$2600 per day + travel costs for 3+ consecutive days in same location

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