Electrical Safety For Telecom Workers

Electrical Safety For Telecom Workers


This course is designed to help field level telecom workers understand electrical system hazards, precautionary techniques, rescue, assessment and relevant safety regulations. By utilizing a variety of presentation materials, content delivery appeals to a wider audience of diverse learning styles. This also allows each session to be tailored to the specific learning environment, education and experience of the learners.

It is critical to cover items in a manner that establishes the significance of bonding and grounding practices and improves on the job discussion and performance. Awareness and engagement are crucial.

This Course Covers:

  • basic electrical theory (an introduction)
  • bonding and grounding
  • sources of energization
  • human body resistance to current flow
  • effective use of PPE
  • fiberglass tools
  • voltage gradients
  • Five to Stay Alive
  • step, touch, and transfer touch potential
  • arc flash
  • live parts and identification of powerline circuits and components
  • induction: electromagnetic and electrostatic
  • aerial rescue
  • storm assessment
  • grounding vehicles and equipment in the work area
  • “second point of contact”
  • wearable voltage detection
  • minimum approach distance and reach bubble

Recommended Class Size:

Up to 30 people (flexible)


In-Person Training at Your Location

$3200 per day + travel costs
$2800 per day + travel costs for 2 consecutive days in same location
$2600 per day + travel costs for 3+ consecutive days in same location

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