Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your journey in the field, this FAQ section aims to address common queries and provide valuable insights into our training programs. Explore the information below to enhance your understanding of our commitment to safety and excellence in lineman training. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team for personalized assistance. 

we're here to answer all your questions

Simply reach out to us to schedule training. Our scheduler will respond as soon as possible.

Brady’s calendar is typically booked out 12 -18 months in advance. For our other trainers, if your organization has specific training days on the calendar a year from now, it’s not too early to schedule with us to make sure those dates are reserved!

Our clients find that they save money and time by having our trainers bring classes (and the accompanying materials and equipment) to them rather than pay the cost of travel and registration to send multiple employees off-site for training.

In-Person Training at Your Location
$3200 per day
$2800 per day for 2 consecutive days in same location
$2600 per day for 3+ consecutive days in same location

+ instructor’s travel cost: $55/hour travel fee, $65 per diem, and exact travel costs (flight, airport parking, and baggage fees or freight costs for training equipment, transportation, and lodging).

If you need several classes, it’s cost-effective to book them on subsequent days.

Train-the-Trainer 4 Day Course (in Rathdrum, Idaho)

Contact us for an exact quote.

This varies by class.

  • For EPZ Grounding the ideal class size is 20-40 students.
  • For Rigging, we recommend no more than 24 students.
  • For Test Instruments & Troubleshooting, we recommend no more than 20 students.

However, we are flexible and accommodating when it comes to class sizes in order to meet your specific needs. Please check each class page for ideal and recommended maximum class sizes.

Absolutely.  Classes can be tailored to meet specific needs.  In the past, bilingual training materials have been created for primarily Spanish-speaking trainees.  The EPZ Grounding class has been modified to include unique circuits, and the Troubleshooting class has been modified to address specific troubleshooting issues in a geographic area. Just let us know about your specific needs for a customized class.



Yes. Our consulting services include assisting companies in writing or rewriting safety procedures, direct phone or online video consultation, and performing in the capacity of an expert witness in legal matters. Please contact us for more information.

Yes they are. Brady has delivered keynote speeches in the past for LAMPAC, WEI, IUOTA/IUSTA, IBEW Utility Conference, and professional development school conferences. His unbridled passion for this industry and the ways in which lineworkers can unite for the benefit of the global community inspire listeners to take pride in their roles within the electrical industry, and to step up to the plate and do their part on a broader scale.   

The flat rate charged for this service is donated 100% by Written in Red to one of our humanitarian projects , and the only other cost to the client are Brady’s exact travel costs. For more information or to request Brady as a keynote speaker at your next event, please contact us.