Ed Van Zeyl

Ed Van Zeyl

About Ed

Ed's entire SCE career has been focused around linework or supporting linework.

Ed is a Southern California Edison (SCE) brat. His dad worked for SCE and retired after 32 years of service, and Ed retired from SCE after 38 years of linework and managing line construction teams. During his time at SCE, Ed held numerous positions including: Senior Manager of Transmission Construction Support, Transmission Grid Manager, General Superintendent, Technical Specialist/Transmission Engineering, Transmission Training Crew Foreman, Transmission Construction Crew Foreman, Transmission Senior Patrolman, Journeyman Lineman, Apprentice Lineman and Groundman. His entire SCE career was focused around linework or supporting linework.

Throughout his career, Ed always tried to work safely. On January 3rd, 2007, he was involved in a life changing grounding incident, when he momentarily lost focus and became the path to ground for an induced current. He received third degree burns to both hands and still lives in pain today. While the event was preventable and unfortunate, it fueled his passion for safety and training. As he took on new roles and gained experience in the trade, he became more involved in safety programs and initiatives and many of them involved grounding methods and practices. He shares his story with others frequently in hopes that someone else won’t have to learn the tough lessons he did.

Ed is married with two adult children, a daughter and son. He’s a certified scuba diver and Master Scuba Diver Trainer, partner in a local market/coffee shop, part owner of a 32 acre chocolate farm in Belize and he plays men’s tournament softball.