Brady Hansen

Brady Hansen

About Brady

Brady specializes in the knowledge of electrical systems, safety training classes, and personal protective equipment throughout the line industry.

Brady was born and raised in South Dakota, and now lives and works near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with his wife, Teri. Together they have five children in their blended family. 

One of his proudest achievements has been his work internationally with lineworkers in developing nations, because he feels strongly that he is a lineman in an international community during a time in history when electrical workers from around the world can connect and unite in order to be safer and more effective.

While he loves being a lineman, he describes his most important titles as “dad” and “husband,” as well as a new title, “grandpa” earned just before Christmas last year when his first grandchild was born.


"I really love connecting with people in my industry, across the country and world. My perfect future looks like a time when we can go to bed a night knowing there’s not a vast chasm of safety between workers in the developed world and workers in the places that are trying to develop.”

Brady Hansen

Founder + Trainer

Certifications, Degrees, and Experience

Certified Utility Safety Professional
Member of IEEE
Member of IEC
Member of IBEW